Meditation and Connecting to Self

2020, amiright?  Most would agree that 2020 has been an absolute sh*tshow. So many deep-rooted issues have come to the surface which has left so much divisiveness. It’s torn away friendships, driven wedges into families, and cultivated fear. People are more than ever afraid to voice an opinion or perspective that could be misconstrued. And […]

The Sh*ttyness of Shouldn’t

None of us are free from judging. It’s a central part of human nature. And thank God it is or we would be in a world of hurt. (Should I get into this car? Should I accept this drink? Should I pet this dog that’s frothing at the mouth?) But that’s protective judging- preservative judging […]

Grizz 2007-2017

Ya’all know I’m pretty wordy, but I am completely unable to be eloquent about this. So instead, I want to write Grizz a letter through pictures, showing exactly how important and amazing he was. Our First Baby, It’s tough to know how to be ‘us’ without you. You’ve been a part of our family since […]

The Bridge for Youth

One of the things I am most passionate about is working with and helping at-risk teens. By definition, at-risk means that a teen is at-risk for not graduating. But any of us who have had the pleasure of getting to know these kids know it means so much more than that- they are at-risk of […]

Girl Crush

The other day a friend of mine was walking in the downtown Mpls skyway with some male coworkers. After they walked past a group of women, the guys said to my friend, “Did you see that?! Those women just gave you the biggest stink-eye.” We’ve all seen it: an attractive, put-together woman walks into a […]

Finding Your Thing

thing (n): a unique quality pertaining to an individual which often personifies who they are. Everybody’s got a thing. Our thing helps to define us and is how we tend to see ourselves. You might see it in a person’s bio: Lindsay Bednar- mom, wife, sister, movie quoter, frequently loses things, hella good free-style rapper. […]

Taking A Leap

Don’t do it. You’ll fail. This is risky. Oh yay another blogger. No one cares what you have to say. Oh so you’re an author now? Cute. How cliche. You have a responsibility to your program. Your students need you. You need to quit being a millennial and work a regular job like everyone else. […]