Grizz 2007-2017

Ya’all know I’m pretty wordy, but I am completely unable to be eloquent about this. So instead, I want to write Grizz a letter through pictures, showing exactly how important and amazing he was.

Our First Baby,

It’s tough to know how to be ‘us’ without you. You’ve been a part of our family since the beginning of it.

The newlywed phase…

The days of Daddy’s spikey ‘do

And then the days of his long locks…

When we announced our exciting news…

And my growing belly.

The qualities you possess are everything that is good, and so much of what we strive to be.

You share well.

And you’re so patient.

And so gentle.

When the babies came, you took on the quintessential role of a Newf and became their nanny.

You slept by them while they napped.

Protected them when they were vulnerable,

And kept them company while they played.

And if a treat fell, you were cool with it.

You loved car rides, especially sitting right up front with all of us. 

Probably for the neck rubs.

You loved snow.

You reeeeally loved snow.

Your heart is as big as could be.

And you’re a cuddler, just like us.

A big ol’ furry love.

Our family is so much you and will always be.

And from Lord Byron, written on the gravestone of his beloved, Newf:
“Near this Spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed
Beauty without Vanity
Strength without Insolence
Courage without Ferosity
and all the virtues of Man without his Vices.”

We love you. So. Much.