Unveiled Beauty X Fashion Show

I cannot even describe how amazing it was to be part of the Unveiled Beauty X Fashion Show.

I was trying to articulate it to my husband what it felt like, and the best way to describe it was that I haven’t felt this kind of camaraderie among women since I participated in sports. Being amongst these strong and powerful women was amazing in and of itself, so to be encouraged and supported by them was all the more incredible.

We were brought together by Lisa Harris, creator and founder of Fashion Meets Poetry. She wanted to put on an event that highlighted women who have taken brave steps in all types of fields. We had a fashion blogger, a business owner, a Chiropractor, women in real estate, and beyond. Each one of us were everyday women taking a chance at following our dreams. What an empowering platform to be a part of.

If being a part of an empowering circle of women is of interest to you, I strongly encourage you to contact Lisa Harris with Fashion Meets Poetry.